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Shana also gives Teacher Workshops on using music "to teach eveything but music." See a description of available workshops here.

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Bananaimagination!   Holidays   Banana Bedtime

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    Fairy Tales Gone Bananas   The Seminole Indian Show

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Themes and Songs


What makes a great story? How can you put a LOT into the PLOT? “Bananimagination” is the term Shana Banana uses to describe the wonderful world of delving into your own creative mind and making and enjoying good stories. Using puppets and original songs, she introduces story elements such as plot, excitement, mystery, suspense, etc. Children are kept moving and singing throughout, while gaining an appreciation for reading and the storytelling craft.

Fairy Tales Gone Bananas!

A Fairy Godmother who has a fit of sneezes? A not-so-evil dragon prince who wants to plant flowers? A vain and bullyish beetle? An alligator and a dog who want to trade noses? A boy who jumps out of a giant peach? Step into Fairy Tale Land with not-so-classic characters who take children from America to Europe to Japan and beyond. With original songs, Shana Banana and the audience discover that fairy tales involve conflicting characters, magic, overcoming fears and other interesting elements to triumph and learn in some way. Complete with imagination, cultural awareness, and appreciation of individual and intercultural (and interspecies) similarities, this show will keep children entertained, moving, dancing, acting and singing.

Banana Beach Party

When you cross a Master's degree in Oceanography with a career in children's music, you get a beach party! Award-winning children's musician Shana Banana merges her two specialties in creating a fun, music-based show about our aquatic and marine water systems and the animals that live there. Using puppets that go on an exciting adventure through the water cycle, plus lots of audience interaction and original songs, her program emphasizes the inter-connectedness between ourselves, the earth's water resources and the animals that live there. Includes some Native American (Seminole) references and stories.

Banana Bedtime

It’s a Pajama Party! Just because it’s bedtime doesn’t mean it’s time to be quiet…at least not at first! There’s just too much dancing, singing, and more to be done while brushing your teeth, taking a bath, putting on your “jammin’” jammies, telling stories, and singing songs! Join Shana Banana for a musical Pajama Party to remember….one that teaches kids the important healthy routines before bedtime and the opportunity for creativity and story-making…and one that will make your kids want to do the bedtime ritual by going totally bananas!

Banana Yoga

Banana Yoga: The ancient cure for the blues! A kid’s life isn’t easy: there is homework to finish, clubs, sports and chores after school. Finding a way to relax and ground is important. Yoga can be the answer...just ask award-winning children’s entertainer and yoga enthusiast Shana Banana! She combines music and yoga into a fun, interactive program designed to have fun and get the body moving. Shana sings about and demonstrates yoga with all-original songs. This program requires audience participation and is designed for workshops or venues such as gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms or festivals where such active participation and movement would be possible.

Merry Chriskwanzanukah

Merry Chriskwanwhatukah? Not only will children will be wishing “Merry Chirskwanzanukah” to all of their friends after seeing Shana Banana’s holiday show; they will be able to explain a little bit about the cultural traditions, differences and similarities between Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and Eid while gaining a new sense of appreciation and excitement about the season. Shana Banana (with her dog puppets Hal and Henson) focus on a variety of cultures in America and how each culture celebrates the December holidays. She also demonstrates that these holidays have much in common, and that children can take the shared traditions of giving, love, food, family, and cultural appreciation to extend the light of the holiday spirit year-round.


A long time ago, when animals could talk, they might have said “Che-Han-Tah-Mo” (hello) and gone about their way. In this show, Shana Banana tells and sings about many traditional Seminole Indian legends and explains the Tribe’s language and culture with her two dog puppets, Hal and Henson. While not Seminole Indian in heritage, Shana has worked closely with tribal leader James Billie and other tribe members to build an authentic, informative, interactive and fun program for all ages. A optional supplement to this show is a hands-on workshop with activity centers.

GROW with Shana Banana!
Everything comes from the DOWN in the ground, and everything grows UP. Explore origins and growing with Shana Banana as she and her two dog puppets Hal and Henson plant a Banana tree and watch it grow, all the while singing interactive songs about our connections to the Earth and to each other, and how important it is to be healthy.
Appropriate Ages for Show: Preschool-4th

Going BANANAS for Peace--Bullying Has No "A-Peel!"

When it comes to bullies, don't "monkey" around--join Shana Banana as she sings about positive words, friendship, peaceful playing and what to do if someone who is supposed to be a friend doesn't act like one. Shana Banana developed this anti-bullying program for the PreK-2nd grade set after learning that so many of the seeds of bullying in middle and high school actually begin at this stage, and that children in this age group are not always given good techniques to not only thwart actual bullying, but also to simply learn to communicate in new and more wholesome ways that may break the cycle before it even begins. The program is informative, but mostly it is interactive and FUN, using music, rhythm, puppets, and movement. We'll go BANANAS and create a happier world!
Bookings: Pat Fenda, Strictly Entertainment, 813-872-0300 Ext. 4

Print pictures of Shana, Hal and Henson to color.

Come to the Attic and play Dress-up with Shana Banana.

Play the Recycle Game and see if you can put everything in the right containter.

A new kind of scouting for kids. Open to all children and youth 3 to 15 years of age, in which kids can do cool activities and earn badges based on the principles of the Earth Charter: respect for nature, eradication of poverty, human rights, participatory democracy and a culture of peace.

Check it out!