What happens when you take away Shana's Bananas?

While lots of people know her as Shana Banana, Shana has enjoyed a long career as a singer/songwriter as well. Nashville Scene describes her as "a cross between Joan Armatrading, Cassandra Wilson, and the jazzy excursions of Joni Mitchell." Ft. Lauderdale's City Link Magazine
remarks that she "sings with sophistication and style, calling into mind Pat Benatar-rock at one moment, and at another the keening of a Scottish lament." Listen.com said: "This versatile singer-songwriter can croon her way through smoky, late-night lounge jazz, or soar over uplifting,
hand-clapping acoustic folk-rock." Call it folk, jazz, or blues, Florida's Shana Smith is one dynamic singer/songwriter. Over the past two decades she has performed nationwide, including some of the following noted venues: the Olympic Village in Atlanta, the White House, the Seattle Center, Florida Seminole Indian reservations, and at colleges across the U.S. She has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such national artists as Jonathan Edwards, Ann Rabson, Seminole
Chief Jim Billie, Trout Fishing In America, and Roy Bookbinder.

Over the past ten years, Shana's longtime yoga and Zen meditation practices brought her into the world of kirtan and devotional chanting. She has since become a much sought-after kirtan wallah, or chant leader, for her "Chanting to the Open Heart" interactive chant circles for all ages, and she has recently composed numerous chants and devotional songs and poems, which will be recorded later this year on her first ever "Chanting to the Open Heart" CD. Her spiritual writings will also be published in late 2014 by the Nissarayana Foundation, under the directorship of the Venerable Dhammajiva, in a book called "Meditation for Moms and Dads: 108 Tips for Parents on the Path."

Expect to enjoy a dynamic assortment of original music and poetry about nature, Florida, organic produce, motherhood, spiritual seeking, and more!

For booking, touring, or other information, call Shana at (352) 213-2221 or write at the following address:

Shana "Banana" Smith
1551 SE 51st Street
Gainesville FL 32641.

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