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What are they saying about Shana?

Dear Miss Banana - it was so AWESOME having you at the Clearwater Countryside Library! You thrilled and delighted 125 kids and 80 parental units and we THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! ... Again, you are a fantastic entertainer - Sincerely, Julie Hudson

I was fortunate enough to catch your show at last weekend's children's carnival at the Odome. My daughters loved it.
--Chuck Dalba, Marketing Director, Gainesville Harley Davidson

Thank you for being part of my daughter's everyday enjoyment. She listens to your cd's and videos almost everyday. --Amy Cohen, Ft. Lauderdale Parent

I have just discovered your music, and it's wonderful! I am a first grade teacher and the kids love to listen to these upbeat, fun songs! --Kimberly, teacher and parent

"Thank you for a great performance. As usual, I might add. The children had a great time and so did the adults. It was so enjoyable that the rain didn't matter. I know that you made our summer kickoff spectacular." --Darlene Walker, Youth Services Coordinator, Palatka Public Library System

I'm a preschool teacher from PCCDC (Providence) that you visited on Valentine's. The children and teachers truly enjoyed your concert! --Lisa Richardson, Jacksonville teacher and parent

Thank you again for the wonderful experience you provided our children at Tampa Bay Children's Chorus! Not only as performers, but also because they loved, loved, loved the entertainment as well! Your concert was wonderful, and even I enjoyed it as a parent, and volunteer for TBCC. The personal attention you gave to our children was much appreciated as well! --Monalee Humesky, Tampa Bay Children's Chorus

What you have created is so awesome with Shana Banana character. We have viewed many of your videos through the public library. --Karen Gumbs, Tampa Parent

We enjoyed your performance on Tuesday. Here's the picture of Kayla. All she does is talk about you. Please let us know when you're in town again. --Amaral Family, Orlando

Thanks for all you do to entertain and demonstrate loving care for children as well as teach them tolerance for others. My family has enjoyed your programs several times. --Cindy Roberts, Tampa Parent

My daughter and I saw you about a year or so ago at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts and we loved you! --Robin, Ft. Lauderdale Parent

I watched your show in April, 2006 for the Alachua County's Great American Cleanup and loved it! --Joan Rollen, City of Gainesville

You were fabulous on Saturday!!!!! Thank you so very much for your time and your energy. Everyone loved you! --Sartura Sherman, Education and Outreach Director, WEDU PBS Tampa (in reference to Curious George celebration event)

I went to my first show of yours in Tampa last month. I loved it so much And now Mommy and I dance to your cd every chance we get Can t wait to see you again Love Jake--Jake, Age 8 months Florida

I am an old Bananahead. --Alan Randall, age 13

Shana I just got to sit down after seeing your show at the Melrose Library. The kids loved it and I did too. You are so blessed w your talent and personality. Keep up the GREAT WORK God bless you and yours. --Beverly, Florida parent

I miss you ShanaBanana. We used to see you at Seminole Mall a lot. You might remember me because I had you sign my yellow truck with an autograph. I hope to see you again soon. Your Dec. show at TBPAC is all sold out. Love Ryan, Age 6, Florida

My son and I have been fans since he was born 2 1/2 years ago. We visit almost all of your shows at Hyde Park. You are absolutely wonderful with children, thank you for all that you do! --Stacy McCain, Tampa parent.

"An absolute delight!" --St. Petersburg Times

"High-energy, interactive musical bonanza" --Twin Falls Times-News

"Musical, Educational, and Imaginative" -- Eastern Washington University News

"Kids LOVE her!" -- Lyndon State College Student Activities, Vermont

"All anyone has to do is look at the little one's faces during her show..." Andre Mule', concert promoter"

"You really held those kids in the palm of your included!" --Mrs. Yeichner, Tallahassee parent

"We had the best daughters are 4 and 2 and they think you are great! At night when we go to brush, it is so our teeth don't turn into mush. I'm certain I'm a groupie and can't wait to see your next performance. You have an amazing way with kids and mommies too! Keep it up..."--Tracey B., South Florida parent

"Shana Banana is not only a vivacious and creative performer; she is also incredibly responsible and plans her shows with the utmost care for children and their parents. She absolutely enthralls the children at our monthly shows here, and keeps them coming back, ready to spend an interactive hour dancing and singing and laughing." --Community Relations Coordinator, Borders South Tampa.

Shana Banana,
I was the one that did your yoga DVD today. I loved the yoga. My favorite one was the warrior because I performed it in my yoga class. So thank you that you taught me all of these songs. I remember one song. It is called "I love love". I can sing it to you. I listened to that funny song called positive words. Why do you teach yoga?" Your yogi, Kayla (5 years old)

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