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Date: 7/15/107
Comment: I saw you yesterday at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. I had so much fun meeting you and feeding your tiger cub puppets Especially I want to thank you for your T-shirt present I m going to send you a picture of me with it on soon I can t wait to see you again...Love Mia
Mia, Age 5

Date: 6/10/107
Comment: I really like your yoga session
Miley, Age 15

Date: 4/7/107
Comment: go bannannas. apil 7th 9 21 pm
sarah, Age 11

Date: 4/6/107
Comment: Good Morning Thank you thank you thank you. You made Winter s day. It has been a bit wild here. Sasha Judith was born on Wednesday March 28th at 7 09 a.m. She weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 19 inches long. She is beautiful and everyone is thrilled to say the least. It is still COLD here. Spring just isn t coming very quickly. Have a GREAT EASTER. Thanks again for making Winter s day. Gay Haber Heidi s Mom Winter s Grandma
Gaylene, Haber
South Dakota

Date: 3/23/107
Comment: Hi my name is Shana. I saw a picture of your baby. Very cute.
shana, Age 8

Date: 3/17/107
Comment: hey this is Shana and this is the best site ever. i want to say hi to all the other Shanas out there.
Shana, Age 13

Date: 2/15/2007
Comment: Good Morning I have a disk and photos to send your way from Kidstock. It was great to see you. Have a great day. Heidi s Mom Gay
Gaylene, Haber
South Dakota

Date: 2/13/2007
Comment: i love you. go bannannas.
sarah, Age 10

Date: 2/6/107
Comment: Hi Shana I like your music and your videos. I always check your video out from the library when I go there on Wednesday s with my grandma. Great Job
Hailey, Age 5

Date: 2/2/107
Comment: I would just like to say how great it is that after 37 years I finally found someone who has my name that spells it and pronounces it the same way. Amazing I m so excited and I m not even a child. This would have been great when I was a child and I m glad to see your doing great and what a popular show you have. From one Shana to the other.. Keep up the great job.
Shana, Burke
New York

Date: 12/10/106
Comment: hi shana from shotts here which is in scotland cant believe there is another shana banana i thought i was the only one it is a very rare name here i m the only shana i know love your site bye
shana, Age 6

Date: 10/7/06
Comment: Hey you took my name just playin I luv you Shana you are my biggest IDOL
Shana, Age 13

Date: 9/28/06
Comment: to shana my name is shana cool site love from shana
shana, Age 8

Date: 9/13/06
Comment: Hey Shana my name is Shana too We have a great name By the way your site is really cute. You should make a shirt that says our name.... i ll buy it Shana, Georgia

Date: 5/25/06
Comment: Shana you re my idol
Jennifer, Age 15

Date: 4/27/06
Comment: Hello Shana I really like your shows.
Therese, Age 7

Date: 4/26/06
Comment: Hey my name is Shana... everyone in my town calls me Shana Banana too i
love you
Shana, Age 17
New York

Date: 4/19/06
Comment: Hey My Name Is Shanna Too This Is The Best Website Ever Made. I Love All Shannas....Anyways Ill Talk To All You Shanna Bananas Later

Date: 4/11
Comment: hi this is shana isnt it funny dat we av da same name lol
shana, Age 11

Date: 4/4/06
Comment: I am an old bannana head
alan randall, Age 13
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