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    January 2002 - April 2002

    Date: 4/25/02 at 18:10


    I like your site Its cool. My friends @ school call me Shana Banana I live in Canada NOT NEVADA . hehehehehehehe.

    Shannon , Age 12

    Date: 3/2/02 at 02:25


    You are too cool


    Date: 2/26/02 at 15:38


    You are the best. Very inspiring to my Grand-children and I love it too. Your technique is great. Can t wait to see you in person.

    Teresa, Smith

    Date: 2/17/02 at 17:02


    My Teacher introduced us to Shana Banana and I love the songs and video s.Keep up the good work.My Mom say s I get to buy one of the CD s or video s I can t wait.....

    megan, Age 6

    Date: 2/10/02 at 9:16


    i just have a look at ur web site i like very much suresh


    Date: 2/7/02 at 11:46


    Hi Shana This is your son Chester the Wonder Dog. I want to know when you are going to post some pictures of me on the website. I am doing such a great job at our shows and I promise to learn even more tricks. I also promise not to bark when you do the alligator imitation. I am scared of alligators but I know you are just pretending I love you I am glad you love me too Chester the Wonder Dog

    Chester, Age 5

    Date: 2/4/02 at 19:58


    i love you shana

    jamie, Age 09

    Date: 1/31/02 at 20:28


    I met shana today at anona elementary. The show was great. It was hillarious . I liked the things she brang in like the turtle skull and the alligator skin.

    Tyler, Age 9

    Date: 1/26/02 at 11:10


    I love you

    Angel, Age 3.5 yrs

    Date: 1/20/02 at 16:28


    I like your music. thank you for the autographed picture that my Grampa Ray got for us.

    lauren, Age 5

    Date: 01/17/02 at 19:11


    Shana Hey I was searching the web and put my name in under a search engine. When I saw a site called ShanaBanana it blew me away. My family friends and teachers at school all call me Shana Banana. Its been my nickname for as long as I can remember. I planning on buying your CD but I was wondering if you had any Shirts with your name written on it or any other merchandise for that matter Thanks for your time Shana Banana

    Shana, 18
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