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    April 2003 - June 2003

    Date: 6/5/103 at 23:28

    would ove to get the schedule
    gabrielle, Age 6


    Date: 6/6/103 at 19:59

    It was great seeing you at Playtime Express We hope to see you again soon
    Devon, Age 4 years


    Date: 5/30/103 at 22:57

    I luv yu sso muc. yu ar so grate shana.I luv yu reaaal muc. Luv Brinley

    BRINLEY, Age 2

    Date: 5/23/103 at 15:33

    Shana Me and my sister were at your in 2002 and guess what that " I am a robot I will clean my room " it really helps us clean our room we live in Idaho Falls,ID, but all our grandmas live in Pocatello and that where we saw our first show.

    Your Fans,
     Kylie and Katelynn

    Date: 5/20/103 at 5:18

    Saw you Sat night at Pesto Festo. My kids loved it. I can not get the Black Beetle song out of my head My kids and I are still talking about it. Thanks again for a great concert. Annette

    Annette, Harris


    Date: 5/16/103 at 23:38

    Dear Shana Thanks for coming back to Charlotte again I m so glad that more and more kids get a chance to meet you and have a wonderful Shana Banana Experience You are truly the best I m so glad Kaitlyn see previous guestbook entry and her brothers came to see you too I knew they would enjoy it Kaitlyn is one of my Brownie Girl Scouts I ve loved having her in my troop this year Keep up your great work -- you have wonderful talent and a terrific way of bringing joy to children across the country You know how much Stacy and I love you

    Marci, Mroz
    North Carolina


    Date: 5/11/103 at 10:30

    Hi Shana Banana I watched your show on May 10th in Charlotte NC. It was so cool My favorite part was when we did the marching. Kaitlyn

    kaitlyn, Age 7
    North Carolina


    Date: 5/2/103 at 15:13

    Hey My name is Shana. I just typed me name in the search box and this came up. Shana s a GRRREEATT name hehe is that your real name Bananas are good * me *

    Shana, Age 13
    New York


    Date: 5/1/103 at 23:30

    The first time I saw you was last year at Citrus Park Mall in Tampa FL. I was little but still remember the brush your teeth song and the other one that makes fall asleep so many kids at the same time. It was unbelievable my mom said. Now that I m BIG my mom takes me every week to the library to read some books together. One day we found the Shana Banana s video which sings Pirate Sooterdoo and Ocean Dreams . From this date it turns to be my favorite. When I was little I called you Tuna Banana now I m 2 years old and I call you Cana Banana...still working on it. thank you for loving me and still remind us -the kids- we are special. love Elaine DeAnn

    Elaine, Age 2


    Date: 4/12/103 at 18:12

    I like the way you perform

    Colleen Carryer


    Date: 4/12/103 at 23:49

    I like to play your games. Happy Birthday

    Tristyn, Age 3

    Date: 4/2/103 at 11:17

    I like your healthy food section

    Phyllis Campagna


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