Shana, children's entertainer Shana Banana, children's entertainer

Business Associates

Strictly Entertainment (813) 872-0300 Ext/ 1. Shana’s Tampa Bay agent, specializing in booking of all types (theatre, festival, school, etc.)  in the southeast U.S.

Kirkland Productions

(866) 769-9037,  Shana’s national booking agent.  This is for large theatre, corporate, school tour and college bookings.

TNT Media Group

813-854-1746. Shana Banana Product Distribution.


Earth Champs

A new national program based on the Earth Charter : A Declaration of Interdependence, with badges centered on respect for nature, economic justice, universal human rights and a culture of peace. Change the World One Fun Badge At A Time--Youth Working Together To Make the Earth Charter a Reality at Home and in the Community.

Family Resources

Studio Percussion We don't just teach art - we change lives. Gainesville's only charitable music school and one-of-a-kind drum shop! Everything there is to do with kids in the Gainesville, Florida area.


Tampa Bay Kids Net A great resource for parents and families in the Tampa Bay, Florida area! Sign up for their newsletter and regular toy recall alerts.

Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine

Parent Guide


Hugger Mugger Hugger Mugger, a favorite site for Yoga supplies has a new "Child Yoganaut" section featturing a new line of products designed for kids who love yoga. Amoung theofferings in the media section is the "Shana Banana Yoga" DVD!

Music For Kids

Kidz Music Hear free song samples and download Shana's singles from this site.

Shake It Up Join the Los Angeles Unified School District Nutrition Network as they "Shake it Up!" on the way to good health with this collection of 17 fruit and vegetable songs. Shana Banana's popular song Fruity Frambaloozi is included on this fun and educational CD.

Jim Coffey Award-Winning Children's Artist.

Dan Crow Famous, multi-award winning kids' musician, storyteller and comedian for kids!

Music with Mar Marianne Harmon is an award-winning, vibrant children's singer-songwriter based right here in Tampa Bay! Check out her great CD's on her website! Also find out how you can bring your child to "Music with Mar."


Print pictures of Shana, Hal and Henson to color.

Come to the Attic and play Dress-up with Shana Banana.

Play the Recycle Game and see if you can put everything in the right containter.

A new kind of scouting for kids. Open to all children and youth 3 to 15 years of age, in which kids can do cool activities and earn badges based on the principles of the Earth Charter: respect for nature, eradication of poverty, human rights, participatory democracy and a culture of peace.

Check it out!