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Print pictures of Shana, Hal and Henson to color.

Come to the Attic and play Dress-up with Shana Banana.

Play the Recycle Game and see if you can put everything in the right containter.

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Music Clips

The Grandparents Song and The Popcorn Song were both nominated for "Best Children's Song," Just Plain Folks Awards 2004.

I Want to be a Dinosaur was the "Best Children's Song" winner, Just Plain Folks Awards 2003.

New! All Shana Banana songs are available for digital download on

The following are songs, with some samples, found on two of Shana's CDs. The CDs can be purchased at the Banana Store.

Song in My Pocket CD


Shana often gets requests for the lyrics to her songs. Most requested is "The Grandparents Song," which is used in classrooms across the country for Grandparent's Day celebrations. Here is a listing of some lyrics from her two popular CDs.