Cowboy Bud

From the CD "Music and Fun for Kids"
copyright ShanaBanana

This here's a song about things that are big.
Cowboy Bud went to ElPasso,
To find the biggest hat.
When he got there,
He found one that holds ten gallons.
Now what do you think about that?
Well, cowboy Bud, cowboy Bud,
He rode to ElPasso on his Texas stud.
He did a little gig when he saw something big.
And he said (yoddle)
Now Cowgirl Claire,
She went to San Antonio,
To find the biggest animal around.
When she got there she found and elephant.
Yea, that's the biggest one she ever found.
Oh, Cowgirl Claire, Cowgirl Claire,
Rode to San Antone on her Texas mare.
She did a little gig when she saw something big.
And she said (yoddle)
Well one day it happened that Cowboy Bud
Was coming on home from El Passo.
And sure enough Cowgirl Claire
Was comming along home from San Antonio.
And they came around the same way,
And when they saw each other,
They stopped!
They fell -- in love.
Cowboy Bud, Cowgirl Claire,
Saw each each other
And just stared and stared.
For they found love,
And that surely was,
The biggest thing of them all.